Where do cranberries come from? 

Cranberries are native to North America and a majority of the world's supply of the fruit comes from this region.

They are primarily cultivated in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Rhode Island, states that offer the perfect climactic conditions for cranberry growth: sandy soil, abundant fresh water and a growing season from May to October.

Altogether, this North American region grows 80% of the world's cranberry crop.

Cranberries are not currently grown in Australia.


The Cranberry Lifecycle

The low-lying vines of the cranberry plant develop new leaves
The cranberry plant begins growing light pink blossoms
Mid-July to August
Petals fall from the flowers leaving tiny green nodes, which after weeks of Summer sun develop into ripe cranberries
Cranberries are fully ripe
Mid-September to early November
Cranberry harvest season